CE approved

The electrofishers are CE approved and meet the EU requirements for humane fish population monitoring. The SE 300 and SE 500 control boxes are CE approved in accordance with IEC 60335-2-86. Click here to see the CE approval certificate.

Minimal harm to fish

The control box minimises harm to fish by delivering a very low ripple voltage. The fish are stunned, so that they can be caught more easily. After recovering from being stunned, the fish are unaffected.

Simple, sturdy, waterproof

The electrofishers are designed to face nature’s challenges. Robust components have been used to build a simple, sturdy, reliable and waterproof device.  See Specifications for more detail.


Most of the components of the standard set can be customised.

The anode shape, size, staff length, the cable lengths and the cathode grid size can be customised, according to your requirements.

If required by local conditions, the anode can be removed from the staff and a larger or smaller anode can be fitted. An oval or rectangle (these may be better for very low water) can be supplied instead of a ring.

Two anode staffs, and a control box capable of feeding them, can be supplied.

See Specifications and Prices for more detail.

Easy to use

The electrofishers were designed for you, the end user. An electrofishing assignment may take hours, and so the anode staff is made of the lightest possible materials. The dead-man’s switch is movable so that you can find the most ergonomic position and staff-balance, relative to the water depth and your height.

The electrofishers are also easy to use. The anode and cathode have different plugs, so that they cannot be connected incorrectly. Safety features include a main power switch and a movable dead-man’s switch.

Made in Denmark

The electrofishers are made in Denmark by qualified artisans who take pride in their work. Components are kept in stock, and extra equipment can be delivered quickly.