24-hour contact number

You can call the manufacturer, Stampes Elektro, for advice and support. Support is available in English and Danish. See Contact for the telephone number.

Annual check and service

Local legislation may require your electrofisher to have an annual check and service. Stampes Elektro can carry out the annual check and service on your electrofisher control box. Call or email to arrange this.

User manual

If you own an SE Electrofisher and have lost your user manual, you may order another manual by sending an email. Please include your name, company or organization name, telephone number, the electrofisher model and serial number (this is on the control box).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use an electrofisher?

Electrofishers allow for effective and humane collection of live fish. This may be necessary for: population analysis; marking fish with radio transmitters; massaging roe out of maternal fish for the breeding of fry; moving fish during adjustment of stream courses; and recovering fish after fauna pollution, e.g. spills or escapes from fish farming and industry.

EU rules require that fish populations be monitored humanely from 2015. The SE 300 and SE 500 electrofishers can be used for this purpose, and are CE approved.

How does an electrofisher work?

The fish are attracted to the electric current at the anode. When they get too close, they are stunned temporarily and can be collected. If direct current with a very low ripple voltage is used, the fish are not harmed. After recovering from being stunned, the fish are unaffected.

What is a fish stunner? And a fish shocker?

Electrofishers are also sometimes called fish stunners or fish shockers. The SE electrofishers are designed to minimise harm to fish. However, other electrical fishing equipment may be designed to kill fish.

In Swedish, electrofishing equipment is called elfiskeutrustning, and an electrofisher is called elfiskeren, in Danish, elektrofisker and in German Elektrofischen.

Why should electrofishers be CE approved?

CE marking is mandatory on many products sold in the European Economic Area (EEA). The letters “CE” stand for “Conformité Européenne” (“European Conformity”). By applying the CE mark, the manufacturer declares that the product conforms to all the essential requirements of the applicable EU directives. Essential requirements include safety, health and environmental protection.

EU laws require that electrofishers are CE approved. The SE 300 and SE 500 control boxes are CE approved in accordance with IEC 60335-2-86.

From 2015, fish population analyses in European watercourses will be required. Electrofishers enable biologists to meet this requirement in an effective and humane manner.

Is electrofishing safe?

Electrofishing is safe if it is done correctly. SE electrofishers have carefully designed dead-man’s switches and are CE approved. The user manuals include safety instructions, which must be followed.

Electrofishing can be deadly if illegal equipment is used, or if the safety instructions are not followed.

Is electrofishing harmful to fish?

The SE electrofishers supply pure direct current, with a very low ripple voltage. As a result, the fish are only stunned, and no permanent damage is done.

Homemade electrofishers are not only unsafe for their operators, but can also be deadly to fish.

May private individuals or companies own an electrofisher?

Danish law does not restrict the sale of electrofishers. Local law may require you to get a permit to use your electrofisher.

May I use the public power supply for electrofishing?

No, you may not use the public power supply for electrofishing. You need to use a suitable generator. Stampes Elektro offers a wide range of suitable generators.