Fyns Laksefisk – 2.5 years of good experience

August 2012, Odense – Fyns Laksefisk have over two years of experience with SE Electrofishers. The electrofishers are used intensively in November (four days/week) to catch mature female sea trout for artificial propagation and stocking. The electrofishers are used a further three to five times in the rest of the year.

“The SE Electrofishers are better for controlling the fish. They attract them more smoothly, making it easier to get the fish into the net,” says Fishing Master Linda Bollerup Høeg. “They are more gentle on the fish, and don’t hit them so hard.”

Fyns Laksefisk has found the SE Electrofishers highly reliable, and have not had any equipment problems. They use Stampes Elektro for the statutory annual equipment check. Fyns Laksefisk has two SE 300 sets, which they use with a 30 cm or 60 cm diameter anode staff, depending on the water depth. Fyns Laksefisk works together with Vandpleje Fyn, a confederation of over 20 sports fishing associations. Vandpleje Fyn has three SE 300 sets.

Fyns Laksefisk (www.fyns-laksefisk.dk – only in Danish) is a recirculated fish hatchery for salmonids. The hatchery produces about 700 000 sea trout (26 tons) annually, primarily to re-stock streams on the Danish island Funen.

AQUA Aquarium uses Stampes Elektro Electrofisher

April 2012, Ringkøbing – The AQUA Akvarium & Dyrepark in Silkeborg bought a SE300 electrofisher from Stampes Elektro, to effectively collect undamaged freshwater fish in the wild. The aquarium has found that the Stampes Elektro electrofisher is reliable and effective, and less damaging to the fish than net fishing. After initially using a Stampes Elektro electrofisher borrowed from DTU, the aquarium ordered their own.

The aquarium also bought a generator, a large cathode grid (50 cm x 50 cm), two different anode staffs and a little anode staff ring. They report that they can fish effectively in both deep and shallow water using the Stampes Elektro SE300 electrofisher.

AQUA Akvarium & Dyrepark (www.visitaqua.dk) is the biggest fresh water aquarium in northern Europe. In addition to promoting knowledge about Danish fresh water environments, the aquarium works to protect and promote plant and animal life in Danish lakes and watercourses.

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