The SE Electrofishers are manufactured by:

Stampes Elektro A/S, Vesterled 14, 6950 Ringkøbing, Denmark.

Support number: +45 97320744

e-mail:  info@se-electrofishers.com

About Stampes Elektro A/S

Stampes Elektro A/S specializes in mechanics and control. Since it was founded in 1961, the company has provided solutions to many of the challenges facing Danish industry.  Customers include raw material refiners, agriculture, wind energy, machine manufacturers, fishing and general industry.

Based in West Jutland, Stampes Elektro is committed to supplying high quality work at competitive prices. The company is committed to meeting delivery times and conditions. Naturally, all the documentation required by industry standards is provided.

Stampes Elektro has a large warehouse of motors, gears, frequency transformers, electrical components and more. The company is often able to fully cover customers’ need for spare parts in the case of machine damage.

Stampes Elektro A/S  website: www.stampeselektro.dk (only in Danish).

Stampes Elektro A/S is 100% owned by Holtec Automatic – Vest A/S www.holtec.dk

Development of the Electrofishers

The electrofishers were developed in co-operation with the Danish Technical University. Click here to download the Danish Technical University report on the SE Electrofishers (only available in Danish).