Prices for 2015 (excluding VAT)

Call +45 9732 0498 or mail to info@stampeselektro.dk to place your order.

Standard SE 300
Anode staff 30 cm ring, 1.3 m; cathode 32 x 32 cm
4.732 EUR
Recommended generator
Honda EU 20i low noise inverter generator
2.0 KVA, 8.7 A,230 V, 21 kg, 1 liter/hour, 60 dB,
510 x 290 x 425 mm
1.612 EUR
Alternative generator
Honda EP3300, generator in a pipe frame
3.2 KVA, 13 A,230V, 21 kg, 1.3 liter/hour, 70 dB,
580 x 420 x 440 mm
831 EUR

Standard SE 500
Anode staff 60 cm ring, 2.3 m; cathode 50 x 50 cm
4.866 EUR
Recommended generator
Honda EP6500T, generator in pipe frame
6.5 KVA, 3 x 8 A, 3 x 400/230V, 77 kg, 2.4 liter/hour,
72 dB, 830 x 510 x 560 mm
1.560 EUR
Individual Components
SE 300 control box, 230V, single phase

All boxes are available with built in volt- and ammeter which facilitate adjustment of the equipment. Extra cost 1.075 EUR.
2.978 EUR
SE 500 control box, 400V, three phase

All boxes are available with built in volt- and ammeter which facilitate adjustment of the equipment. Extra cost 1.075 EUR.
3.137 EUR
Anode staff, ring diameter 30 cm, 1.3 m long,
52m cable
1.321 EUR
Anode staff, ring diameter 60 cm, 2.3 m long,
8m cable
1.321 EUR
Extra anode ring 40, 50 or 80 cm, each
133 EUR
Additional Equipment
The landing nets
The staffs can be custormized for individual needs.
400 EUR
Net bags for spring or autumn fishing 160 EUR

Measuring tray in stainless steel
Without sharp edges, so you gently can measure the fish.
Incl. tubs made of hammarplast. 
800 EUR


Terms and Conditions

Prices include packaging by Stampes Elektro, but not postage and VAT.

The buyer needs to pay for freight from Stampes Elektro’s premises in Ringkøbing, Denmark, any customs duties, and the cost of any paperwork required by their country for importing the electrofishers.

Stampes Elektro generally has electrofishers available for immediate sale. However, if you want to order more than five electrofishers, please allow an extra six weeks.